Christmas Electrical Safety Tips

By 29th November 2018 Uncategorised

With Christmas nearly upon us, soon will be the time to crack open your long stored tree lights, so to be safe this year follow these simple steps,

  • Visually check the lights to make sure they are safe – they have been stored for along time and may of deteriorated.
  • Avoid using extension leads and try to plug directly to the wall sockets to avoid overloading.
  • Low voltage lights are safer than mains powered, produce less heat and safer if touched.
  • Avoid flammable materials around mains lights as these heat up and could cause a fire.
  • Use garden lights only if they are designed and rated for this type of use.
  • Have your electrical items checked by a qualified NICEIC PAT Tester if in doubt.

Wishing you a safe & Merry Xmas.

Gary Dressel

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