Electricity kills and injures people, electrical accidents can be prevented by a regular testing and inspection maintenance programme such as PAT Testing.

Phaze Electrical’s professional and comprehensive approach to Testing and Inspection could help your company minimise the risk of injury and death.

Many dangers at work are a result of:

  Poorly maintained electrical equipment
  Inappropriate electrical equipment used in unsuitable environments
  Incorrectly installed or overloaded equipment
  Damaged electrical equipment still in use

We have included some examples of horror stories found on premises we have inspected and tested.

Office PAT Testing helps keep damaged equipment out of service.

These extension leads had live cables exposed, a shock hazard waiting to happen. Feb 19.

PAT Testing trade tools, the PAT Tester confirmed a fault and upon further investigation the earth wire had become disconnected from the appliance.

Jan 19.

Connector lead to commercial band saw, a damaged connector has live parts exposed – A Shock Hazard Waiting to Happen.

Extension Lead Overload discovered in PAT testing
Multiple Extension leads plugged together, this allows far too many appliances to be connected which in turn overloads the sockets, and could be a possible fire hazard as well as looking untidy.

Damaged plug tops, misuse of equipment and appliances used in the wrong environment could lead to excessive damage to equipment.

Extension lead overheating
A fire hazard waiting to happen, cause to many appliances connected, a common fault found whilst PAT testing.

Computer equipment hazzard fire
Burnt hole in expensive computer monitor, caused by badly positioned lamp overhead, a real fire hazard waiting to happen.

Multiple extension leads plugged together in garage, cause no fixed power supply nearby in order to accommodate supply.

For further shocking stories please visit www.hse.gov.uk